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Swedish Interview with One Direction. Everybody should read.
  • I'm just going to skip a little text, nothing speciell. Just about the chaos in Sweden when the boys where here.
  • Liam: The people here in Sweden has always been amazing.
  • Harry: Sweden have fantastic music. You got really good songwriters and artist from here. I love Swedish House Maffia for example. And under the time in X-Factor we sang a song from Darin.
  • Niall: I saw Eric Saade in Eurovision Song Contest this spring and he was really good. He looks like a poopstar and had a good song and it was fun it went well for him.
  • Interviewer: You recently topped the english charts and you are the cover of every popmagazine, can you even go out in Great Britain?
  • Zayn: Yes, it is easier to go out there than here in Sweden. There we know where we can go and its just some pictures here and there. It's not that hysterical.
  • Liam: But we don't usually go out to a mall near a school when they have break. (Laughs)
  • One Direction searched to X-Factor as solo artists but got put together as a band by the Idol/X-Factor man Simon Covell. He did fast se potential in a young boy band and efter they had got together they just had fun even without working. They found their parts in the group. Under the X-Factor time they always went in the top 3. They ended on the third place in the competition.
  • Liam: It was a dissapointment not to win, but now we have moved forward and Matt (Cardle) who won is a great guy and deserved to win. As they relesed their singel What Makes You Beautiful they performed at the gay club, G-A-Y.
  • Zayn: Yes, it was a hysterical night with good vibe and it was really fun atmosphere to play in.
  • Interviewer: Did you know you have gay fans?
  • Zayn: Sometimes we see a guy tweet that they like us. But its the girls who shows them self the most when we are out playing.
  • Interviewer: Who goes home best at the gays?
  • Harry and Liam: Zayn and Louis!
  • Zayn: Yes, thats probably true. I don't know but i guess i attract them. (Smiles)
  • Harry: Its his cheekbones who does it.
  • Interviewer: I suggest we end our twelve minutes meeting with me asking a question and you answer which one of the boys who match it best. (Everybody are with us)
  • Interviewer: All the famous boysband have a member who are gay. (Westlife, Backstreet boys, Boyzone, NSync) Who are most likely to come out in One Direction?
  • Zayn: Louis are the most camp. (They boys agree)
  • Liam: But we don't say you are gay, just that you are most likely to come out.
  • Harry: Oh okey, I can play double, its okey for me.
  • Interviewer: Who is most vain?
  • All the boys: Zayn.
  • Interviewer: Who is the best kisser?
  • Liam: I would kiss Harry. (Laughs)
  • Zayn, Niall and Louis: Yes Harry is probably the best kisser.
  • Interviewer: Who spend the most money on clothes?
  • All of the boys: Zayn.
  • Zayn: I like designer clothes.
  • Interviewer: Who is most popular for the girls?
  • All of the boys: Harry. We all have different kinds of fans and Harrys pulls of the most.
  • Interviewer: Who looks best naked?
  • Louis: I've only seen Harry naked.
  • Zayn: I would say we all look pretty good naked. We are 5 pretty good looking lads.
  • Best interview i've read so far.
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